Features of !SEMTools

This menu will help you answer the question in 1 click whether there are certain characters in cells or not.

It would seem that finding a specific character in an Excel cell is not such a big task. However, this is not always easy.

The most difficult thing is to search for several chars or sequences at once. There is no simple solution given in standard Excel package for that.

For example, how would you find out if each of several thousand cells contains or does not contain:

  • any numbers?
  • or letters?
  • or any symbols except digits and letters?
  • Or numbers coming after letters?
  • or any capital (upper-case) letters?
  • or lower-case letters?
  • alphanumeric or non-alphanumeric chars?
  • language-specific (diacritic) chars?

!SEMTools add-in is here to help solve most of these issues with just a couple of clicks. See the related pages to find out more about solving these problems with standard Excel functions where possible, and same with !SEMTools:

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Other operations with characters in Excel

After you’ve found what you was looking for, there usually are other things you want to do with it. So you might be interested in other ways to work with symbols in Excel:

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