Features of !SEMTools

!SEMTools for Excel


!SEMTools is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that can greatly speed up your work with text data.
Why SEM Tools?
SEM here stands for semantics, as this add-in was firstly created for manipulating semantic data. But today it is way more than just that

!SEMTools today is

  • over 500 small instruments, put together in a tidy intuitive hierarchy interface
  • lots of custom formulas, not initially available in Excel
  • sophisticated instruments any true SEM (PPC / SEO) specialist would find interesting

New objects to interact with

Help your Excel understand what a “word” and “phrase” is . You can easily find words and phrases in the text, either singly or in huge lists on a variety of conditions.
Delete, change words and their order in cells, change the case, search for abbreviations and toponyms with 1 click.

Magic-level speed

And this is not just some pretty words. The addin code is optimized to the maximum and processes hundreds of thousands of rows with the most complex procedures in mere seconds — even if it is working with tables of tens of thousands of words or phrases and deleting, replacing, or changing them along the way.

Does not require administrative rights

!SEMTools does not require any installation. All you need is show your Excel where the addin file is. You can do it right now! SEMTools download/install instruction.

Really simple

How can you manipulate data in excel without formulas and adding helper columns? Easy!
– Select cell or column
– Select desired action and execute it with !SEMTools

Widest possibilities

Things you can do with !SEMTools for Excel:

Find data

Easiest way to find any data in Excel. Find more info about the functionality:

— find symbols / characters
— find words
— find specific phrases
— find cells
— find duplicates

Delete data

This group of instruments helps with:
— deleting symbols
— deleting specific words
— deleting phrases
— deleting cell contains
— deleting specific rows / columns
— deleting duplicates
— deleting formulas

Change data

These tools help to:

— change case
— do math operations without using formulas
— change word order in cells
— change cell order in ranges
— multiple replacement tools

Extract data

Here you can extract specific patterns in same easy way:

— extract symbols
— extract words
— extract phrases
— extract cell contents on condition
— extract countable cell data
— extract countable range data

Join / Combine data

!SEMTools can:
— generate word permutaions (until data does not exceed 1048576 rows)
— generate line combinations
— join ranges in several ways