Time-saving add-in for Excel work

!SEMTools is an add-in for the Microsoft Excel office application that can greatly speed up your work with text data. It basically does the same things Excel does, but usually you’d need several steps for same things. When the add-in is connected, a !SEMTools ribbon automatically appears on the tools panel in Excel.
SEM stands for semantics, as this add-in was firstly created for manipulating semantic data. But today it is way more than just that. Check out its features to learn more!

Full words support

Make your Excel understand words and text. Find specific words and word lists easily within the text, regardless of their length.

Delete, change words and their order in cells, change letter case, find abbreviations and toponyms with 1 click.

The built-in toponyms database helps to find them easily as well and correct letter case mistakes etc.
Extract the necessary words based on any criteria, count them and much more.


How to change the data without creating additional columns and megaformulas? Easy! Select cells with data, choose what you want to do and do it with 1 or 2 clicks!

Magic-level speed

Action-oriented interface

The interface that first asks what you want to do, then with which object and, only after that –how.

Does not need administrative rights

The add-in doesn’t require installation or admin rights. All you need is connect it to your Excel. Watch !SEMTools download & install instruction. And you can easily disable or delete it, which you probally won’t ever wish to do 😉

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