You can download the latest version of !SEMTools here:

How to install:

  1. Without opening downloaded file click on the drop-down list.
  2. Open ‘Downloads’ folder
  3. Copy the add-in file or move it to a folder on your computer where it won’t get lost or won’t be accidentally deleted.

4. By default, Windows blocks files downloaded from the Internet, and in some systems, after the add-in was connected the! SEMTools tab may not appear on the panel. To fix the situation, you need to unlock the file by opening its properties with the right mouse button.

Further steps are performed in Excel.

The add-in is supported and works correctly with the following Excel versions:

Excel 2010
Excel 2013
Excel 2016
Excel 365
On all Windows versions from XP to Windows 10

IMPORTANT: there is no Excel for Mac support, as well as no stable work is guaranteed on any version of Mac OS. Most functions simply do not work on Mac.

How to connect Excel add-in to your Excel

  1. Open your Excel
  2. Go to Settings in File menu
  3. Click the «Go…» button at the bottom

4. In the file browser window that opens, find the file on your computer and choose it either with double click or selecting and clicking the OK button.

  • The add-in should appear in the addins list with a checkbox marked. Press «ОК» to save your settings.


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