Features of !SEMTools

SEM & SEO tools are set aside in !SEMTools in order not to mix them with more popular and common functions, that can be used by any professional using Excel.

This group mirrors overall SEMTools functionality containing menus Delete, Remove and Extract. The tools here are constantly being improved as PPC & SEO needs constantly change as market grows. 

Change keyword match types

This functionality helps PPC-specialists change special modifiers for Google Ads to change keyword types from broad to broad modified, phrase or exact match.


Delete menu in SEO & PPC tools helps to:
1. Remove stop-words from text
2. Remove UTMs
3. Remove modifiers before stop-words to broaden keyword targeting


Extraction tools help extract meta information from URLs – Title, H1 tags, Check URL response codes to find 404 pages.
URL extraction from links is also here

Search suggests

This functionality is free and it helps to get hundreds of search suggestions right on your spreadsheet just inputting a single phrase into a dialog box.

Semantic analysis

This group of tools helps with:

N-gram analysis

Search queries analysis

My own algorithm for finding irrelevant words in a list of phrases by just inputting a target product.

This post is also available in KZ and RU.