Features of !SEMTools
data extraction tools on !SEMTools panel in Excel
Extraction tools in Excel with !SEMTools

EXTRACT section is mostly for situations when we want to see with our own eyes those elements that we found, unlike FIND tools, where the result is not the object found but binary (TRUE / FALSE).
The section contains 5 menus:


With !SEMTools you can extract either specific characters:
Extract numbers
Extract bold characters
Or a sequence of characters:
Extract first N characters
Extract the last N characters
Extract characters to the first occurrence of the pattern
Extract characters after the last occurrence of the pattern


Maximum attention was paid to these tools while creating the addin.
You can extract words from cells based on multiple criteria:
Full words – exact single words and own words lists and in
Words containing pattern or one of a list of patterns –
– in the beginning of the words
– in the ending of the words
– anywhere in the words

You can also match words with LIKE and REGEX pattern syntax.

You can extract words based on their order in the cell –
– extract first, first 2 or any N words from start of cell;
– same 1, 2, 3 or N words from end of cell

Sometimes you need to extract words with capital letters – there’s a tool for that, too.


Phrases are just like words, except for the fact that they consist of them and not vice versa.


This group of tools if for situations when cell contains stay the same, but only cells matching specific criteria stay, all others become blank. Macros mostly do the same as those for word manipulation, but operate with full cell contens.


This menu helps with obtaining statistical data about the cell contains or cell value against the whole selected column:

  • Length in characters
  • Counting words
  • % of the sum (for numeric)
  • Share cumulative
  • The number of repetitions of the element in the selected range
  • Item number by its occurrence