If you already tested the free version, and would like to take advantage of the full functionality, this section is for you.

How to obtain license

You can obtain license in 3 easy steps:
1. Make payment online via this site. Input valid e-mail address, as this is the only way to communicate on transferring the license to another device, if that case takes place.
2. Wait for me to register the license. This usually takes not more than couple of hours, but might take a bit longer due to possible timezone difference.
3. After receiving an e-mail confirmation, download the add-in again from the site, and replace initial file with a newly downloaded one.

Eternal license

  • The license is permanent. There is no monthly or annual subscription
  • All updates are for free – just download the new version and replace old file with the new one
  • Add-in is licenced per 1 User per 1 Computer

Transferring the license to another device

Licence transferring is available for all registered users once per year, not earlier than 1 month from the purchase.
This is for cases when you change essential parts in your system, or buy a new PC/Laptop.
To avoid license fraud, a time limit is put on this operation – hope you understand 🙂

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