Features of !SEMTools

!SEMTools Pro license per user cost is 5000 KZT (Kazakhstan tenge), which converts to ~10 USD

Version difference

In short, the only difference is that only 2/3 of all cells are processed in the free version. In the remaining 1/3 of the cells (random), the message “!SEMTools  – Available in full version” will appear.

Free version

It is strongly recommended not to work with valuable data in the free version. There’s only 1-step return available for add-in procedures.

!SEMTools activation

The activation mechanism is not typical – there are no serial numbers that can be entered in any fields. Activation does not require an Internet connection and does not crash when reinstalling. The add-in file itself is attached to your computer and user on it.

When paying for a license, you provide a code that identifies the current user of your computer. You can only get it if you download and install the trial version of the add-in.

To get the code, you need to click “Check Status” in the “License” menu on !SEMTools panel (see picture below).

Input given code into a relevant form field, your email address, and make payment. The license is activated by me after the payment is accepted.

An email will be sent to the email address you specified about successful activation and an invitation to download the updated file linked to your device – in the same “Download” section.

After downloading, you need to replace the original add-on file with the downloaded one and all procedures will work. When you click on “Check status” it will say “License is activated!”.

Important: activation process may take several hours, (usually not more than 4!) as it’s manual. You can contact me to expedite the process. If you didn’t receive it within 4 hours, try to check your Spam folder (happens sometimes, I’m working on it)


Under what conditions does the license code can change?

  • when changing the name of the current user;
  • when changing the user of the same computer;
  • when changing the computer name;
  • (sometimes) when changing the version of MS Excel;
  • When changing hardware (except for non-system hard drives)

I bought one license, but it was lost for some reason (changed computer/user/lost when reinstalling Windows/Office). Is it possible to rebind?

No, unfortunately, the licensing mechanism does not allow you to disable the old license and enable the new one. But this is offset by a modest license price.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, if you purchase the add-in for multiple users at the same time.

  • from 6 to10 licenses — 10%;
  • from 11 to 20 licenses — 20%;
  • 21 and more licenses — 30%.

For more info you can connect with me.

This post is also available in KZ and RU.