Features of !SEMTools
deletion tools in Excel with !SEMTools
Deletion tools group on !SEMTools panel in Excel

Often when working with Excel, there are situations when you need to delete some elements. Without using rather complex formulas, this is either not very easy to do, or there is no solution at all. !SEMTools will help you cope with these types of tasks!

Before using the functions in this section, we recommend using similar features in the DETECT and EXTRACT groups to see for yourself which elements will be affected by the delete operation.

Delete symbols / chars

Do I need to remove certain characters from the range, such as all numbers or punctuation? Or delete a certain number of characters from the beginning or end of a line? Look for the relevant options on !SEMTools panel

Delete words

Words or a whole list of words-Excel does not understand what words are, there are no such entities in its syntax. But !SEMTools allows you to delete words from strings without spoiling the rest.


Delete cells by condition – !SEMTools offers more than a dozen of them.

Delete ranges

This includes macros that help:
– To delete rows by condition
– Delete the empty columns


It is not always easy to delete duplicates. Excel has instruments for that, but the program considers only completely matching rows as duplicates. Just 1 extra space is enough for it to no longer be consider cells duplicates. Such cells are called implicit duplicates, and a whole set of functions is dedicated to them in !SEMTools.

And when you need to delete duplicates without deleting rows or cells, you will have to use a lot of tricks, and here the add-in also comes to the rescue.


To simply delete formulas in Excel, you need to copy and paste the cells as values, i.e. perform 2 actions. If there are complex formulas in the range, this operation may take a long time. And removing formulas from the entire workbook with a large number of sheets is a laborious task.

With !SEMTools you can delete formulas from the entire worksheet or workbook in 1 click leaving cell values intact.

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