Features of !SEMTools
Change and replace tools in Excel with !SEMTools
Change and replace tools on !SEMTools panel

The macros in this group are responsible for the changes you want to make with the given entities – symbols, words, cells or ranges. Before use, it is recommended to use macros from the “FIND” or “EXTRACT” groups so that you can understand in advance which elements are subject to change and which are not.
For example, if all the text in your cells is lowercase, and you want to find toponyms in it and change their case to correct (with a capital letter), then it is recommended to recognize the toponyms first.

Menus within the group:

Change symbols

Advanced tools to change case in Excel. This includes changing case of toponyms (cities and countries), first letters of sentences, first letters of each word, automatic recognition of abbreviations.

Change words

  • This menu includes tools that allow you to:
  • Put a character before each word – or after them.
  • Make each word, toponyms or own list of words with a capital letter.
  • Move words to the end or beginning of the cell

Change cells

Changing cells, or rather, their contents using !SEMTools, includes:

  • Add a character to each cell – at the beginning, end of the cell, or on both sides. Or any sequence of characters.
  • Swap words in a cell
  • Sort words inside a cell in alphabetical order (normalization)

Change numbers (math operations)

This menu provides easy math operations – sum, extract, divice, multiply, round. All of these functions are available in Excel but require formulas and adding columns. !SEMTools gives you the opportunity to do math without those.

Change ranges

Entire columns can also be transformed:

  • Sort cells in range by regular sorting as well as by
    • endings,
    • word count
    • symbol count
  • Fill in blank cells in range with zeroes or upper cells’ values.
  • Pivot tables in 1 click – summarizing the data or concatenating it.


This menu provides the possibility of mass replacement of values ​​in the selected range:

  • words and word lists
  • pattern-by-pattern lists
  • replace with regular expressions

This post is also available in KZ and RU.