Features of !SEMTools

Words are a more changeable entity than symbols, because have more attributes. They have:

  • specific case of their letters, depending both on the words themselves or on a task one would want to accomplish with them
  • special characters with which these words sometimes need to be distinguished
  • position in the cell – from the most popular – first or last
  • specific text value depending on which they might be differently characterized. For example, contain numbers or diacritic characters, dashes etc.
  • after all, they can be treated as a whole

!SEMTools covers the basic tasks of modifying these attributes. What changes are we talking about? Well, it can do all type of change – add text, replace text inside, change their order, change case, split them or replace full words.

Insert characters – before or after each word

  • Change the case of words – a given list, toponyms or all words in cells
  • Change the position of words – move words to the beginning or end of cells

The add-in menu is constantly updated with new useful features. Ideas for new features come from the author’s own experience !SEMTools come from users of the add-in. Therefore, if you need to change any other features of words in a special way, please contact author.

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