Features of !SEMTools

In contrast to changing words, these procedures work on the contents of an entire cell, modifying it. For example, rearranging words within cells will not change the words themselves, but it will change the cell.

Procedures for changing text cells

In general, these procedures convert cell values into text and process them as text. The only exceptions are the procedures for filling empty cells.

The menu functions allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Add words and symbols to all cells in the column;
  • Change the order of the words in the cells;
  • Expand the characters in the cells in mirror order;
  • Translate the text in the cells.
  • Fill in the empty cells in the range with values.

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Change the numerical values

It is often necessary to quickly change the numeric ranges of cells, because they have their own specifics, I have allocated them in a separate menu. You can use it to perform arithmetic operations:

  • Add the number all at once to the entire column or row;
  • Subtract a number from a column or row;
  • Multiply a column or a row by a number;
  • Similarly, divide a column or row by a number;
  • Expand the numbers.

Other math activities:

  • Round a column of numbers;
  • Calculate the share of the total amount;
  • Calculate the share by cumulative total;
  • Count the number of repetitions;
  • Count how many times an element occurs in the range.

In addition to math operations, there are problems when translating text into numbers and vice versa. Therefore, procedures are also available here to help you

  • Convert numbers that look like text to real numbers;
  • Write numbers in words;
  • Write the amounts in words (with kopecks) in different variants.

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